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Nakron Stud is certified according to ISO-9001 by BUREAU VERITAS, guaranteeing a standardised management process that leads to continues improvement in the service to our Clients.

On the other hand, the supplying factories are also certified in accordance with ISO-9001, having their own quality control departments, for which reason they issue the corresponding certificates established by European Standard UNE EN 10204:2006 attaching to them a 3.1 type certificate. This document issued by the manufacturer states that the products supplied are compliant with the requirements of the order and includes specific test results for that order.

To provide greater guarantees, Nakron carries out an external inspection with an international Quality agency, in accordance with Standard UNE EN ISO 19398:2008, of each orde Nakron requests from the supplying manufacturers. An internationally valid certificate is issued for each inspection, showing all the parameters demanded.

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The quality control covers not only the connector bolt but also compliance with the international packaging and phytosanitary standards

Nakron commercialises its products in accordance with standard UNE EN ISO 19398:2008 and demands its manufacturers have the CE marking.
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