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Leading distributor of connector bolts

Nakron Stud was constituted as a company whose main activity was aimed at providing its services to the Companies making up the industrial structure and building in our country.

In 2007 and in view of the deficit of companies manufacturing and commercialising connector bolts in the market, Nakron took a new direction with the initiative of exclusively aiming its activity to the commercialisation of these bolts, in an aggressive manner stating its will to be present in this market.

As a result, it selects and signs agreements with factories from countries with emerging economies, always applying the European Union standards in force.

In this way, Nakron has managed to be present not only in the Spanish market, but also in the surrounding European environment.

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    Aportamos soluciones a las necesidades de los clientes, abrimos nuevas lineas de producto según demanda
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33180 - Noreña, Principado de Asturias, Spain
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